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id22 e.V. Institut für kreative Nachhaltigkeit

Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12
10179 Berlin

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Contact person: Claudia Hirtmann


id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability is a non-profit, civil society-based organisation supporting cultures of sustainable urban development and innovative housing.

• Promotion of arts, culture, science, research and environmental protection within regional, international as well as transdisciplinary Networks;
• Promotion, development and monitoring of innovative projects;
• Development of training and educational concepts considering an integration of environmental, cultural and social aspects;
• Organisation, realization and sponsoring of events.

• Public relations: Creative Exchange of sustainable contents for a wide-range public, development of attractive perspectives for promoting consciousness and value changes. We´re coordinating events and work with artists.
• Education: Because of interdisciplinary, multinational composition of the institute we´re able to offer a wide range of sustainability issues within the field of informal learning.
• Knowledge transfer: Platform for local, national and europe-wide exchange and dialog of sustainability topics: We initiate and take part in networks, manage conferences and congresses and work with local cooperation partners from administration, politics, economy and culture.
• Research and publications: Members of id22: decentrally research different aspects of sustainability. id22: publishes its results online and printed.

• EXPERIMENTDAYS presents a platform for community housing projects, ideas and actors dealing with creative sustainability: those who understand the city environment as theirs to help shape, design and manage.
• Creative sustainability tours: These worldwide pioneering tours help you discover Berlin´s unique, local initiatives: DIY and open-source-urbanism, grassroots projects including cooperative housing, community gardens, ecological architecture, self-organized cultural spaces and much more.
• Experimentcity was initiated in 2003 by id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability, emphasizing the development of a diversity of cooperative, environmental and affordable housing forms as an essential contribution to a culture of sustainable urban development.
• WOHNPORTAL Berlin: A platform for housing projects, building communities and cooperatives and also interface for creative self organization in Berlin and Brandenburg.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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