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Stiftung Kinder in Afrika

Holsteiner Str. 12 c
21465 Reinbeck

Telefon: +49 40/7221105
Telefax: +49 40/7221105
Adresse e-mail:info@kinder-in-afrika.de
Interlocuteur: Zillmer, Horst W.

Les Thèmes

The foundation "Kinder in Afrika" (children in Africa) is an organization of civil law, independent and unattached by the Church as well as political parties. The purpose of the foundation is to arouse the responsibility for children and young people in Africa who are living in poverty and who are in need of help and to contribute to easing their poverty.

Convinced that development is not only a matter of money, science and technology, but also a matter of the personal commitment of as much affected persons from all fields as possible the foundation is most of all searching for the cooperation with private groups and organizations which are run by reliable committed persons and which are lead by the objective to change their circumstances of life with sole responsibility by self-help activities. The foundation promotes the sensitization and motivation of self-help groups. It relies on a reasonable planning and realization of development measures with the participation of all affected persons. With the help of financial and/or donations in kind the project assistance of the foundation primarily aims at the support of small projects with a maximum amount of participation of the affected persons themselves.

Since 1985 the main emphasis of its projects was lying in the following fields:
- Help of the disabled - street urchins - orphants
- Promotion of professional training
- Building and promotion of kindergartens and welfare institutions
- Support of health institutions
- Help of refugees
- Relief supplies with donations to Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria etc.

Example of the current projects:
- Fight against AIDS in the townships of South Africa
- Building of a training centre in Butiru (Uganda)
- Education parenthoods for AIDS orphants in Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda
- Support of health institutions, schools, kindergartens and refugees.

Horst W. Zillmer is chairman of the foundation "Kinder in Afrika".

We offer specialized information on our work and we can establish contacts to our projects in Africa.


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