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Kenia-Dorf-Volunteers (KEDOVO e.V.)

Krückauring 72 b
24568 Kaltenkirchen

Phone No.: +49 (0)41912724123
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Contact person: Muthoni Schneidewind


KEDOVO e.V is a registered Non- Profit Organisation founded in 2013 in Kaltenkirchen, Germany based on the strong convictions to lift women, youth and children out of vulnerability and poverty. KEDOVO -Kenyan Chapter was founded the same year.

Our mission is to encourage economic and agricultural rural development through education and trainings in order to promote the social welfare of the communities. We focus on establishing and facilitating economic livelihood opportunities for the rural communities in Central Kenya.

Our intervention:
• Encourage economic and agricultural development through open training programs aimed at successful agri-business practises and undertakings which will see the communities trained on sustainable self sufficiency projects.
• Marketing interventions by connecting the small scale farmers to the global market. This will be achieved by reducing middlemen and brokers in the supply chains.
• Organizing training workshops to enhance Entire Capacity Building within the local communities.
• Foster financial and entrepreneurial initiatives among the women and youth to inspire progress, personal growth, empowerment and sustainability.
• Mobilize all purposeful financial and in-kind resources to support the education of the vulnerable children in the community and assist in the improvement of their livelihoods.

KEDOVO Projects in Kenya:
• Education Development Project - Ndurutu Primary School: Provide educational materials; Ensure the school has good basic infrastructure and services ie classrooms, toilets, pavements etc; Coordinate volunteer teaching opportunities; Source Sponsors for the children with special needs in the school; Encourage sustainable development through ICT in education.
• Income Generating Projects: The Kamamunda Women & Youth Project is a registered self help group. The group has received intensive professional training on how to rear poultry and the women are also trained on sustainable innovative agricultural techniques eg the "Vertical gardens".
• Health, Water & Sanitation Project: Improvement of clean water and accessibility at household and community level; The construction of Ventilated Improved Pit latrines (VIP); Hygiene and sanitation awareness campaigns and education. The project will focus on ways to improve access to facilities and community-based health services.
• Vulnerable Children´s Project working together with Neema Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre: School assistance; Housing and shelter; Food support
• Sustainable Coffee Farming: Train the farmers on how to improve coffee productivity and quality; Set up a Coffee Quality Testing Centre; Facilitate farmer grouping to ensure improved market access by organising them to sell their coffee without the intervention of middlemen and can therefore access the international market directly.
• Food Security Project: Through the "Feed the Village" project the community is trained on best sustainable farming practises that are not dependent on climate and weather patterns.
• Volunteering Project: KEDOVO e.V offers Volunteer Placements opportunities in our projects in Kenya.
• KEDOVO Resource Centre: Through the Resource Centre, the farmers will be trained on ecologically sustainable agricultural practices focusing on practical work, on-farm demonstrations and experimentations.

Muthoni Schneidewind is the President/ Executive Director of KEDOVO e.V. in Germany & Kenya.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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