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Power4Africa e. V.

Gostritzer Straße 63
01217 Dresden

Phone No.: +49 (0)351 871 8356
Fax No.: +49 (0)351 871 8448
Contact person: Bob Hooda


Power 4 Africa e.V., founded in 2006, is a registered non profit association. Power 4 Africa e.V. as the name suggests, is about bringing empowerment to the forgotten continent. Africa should become aware of its potential and take its rightful place on earth. The association supports socially fair, ecologically sustainable and economically productive developments. We will foster these goals by disseminating information through seminars and workshops. These events aim to point out Africa´s historical and cultural wealth. Furthermore, we want to make German stakeholders aware of unknown economical and cultural opportunities in Africa. If these opportunities are seized in cooperation with African communities, both sites can profit tremendously.

• CERE- Project in Tanzania: Power 4 Africa e. V. and CERE aim to realize energy projects in Africa. Against the backdrop of CO2- related problems the foundation emphasizes the importance of renewable energy in battling global warming and poverty. In order to achieve these goals the power4africa e. V. welcomes competent partners. The stakeholders contemplate installing a solar-farm producing 1 MWpeak to feed into Tanesco´s national grid, following the successful template of Kigali Solaire. The Kilimanjaro Machine Tools Manufacturing Company (KMTC) in Moshi provides an ideal location for this ventture. The CERE project strives to bring renewable energy to the rural areas and thus improve economic growth and social welfare.
• Project Mloka – Sustainable Electrification of Rural Areas: The main goal of the Pilot Project Mloka is to eradicate poverty in and around Mloka by ensuring 24/7 uninterrupted, electricity supply. In order to achieve that a highly sustainable off-grid hybrid energy system is going to be installed. It consists of a solar generator, linked with two diesel-generators. The solar generator´s share in the generated power is going to be more than 90%. The project also ensures that the National Park in the Selous Game Reserve is preserved and not destroyed by large energy wires.
• Lighting Mloka: Planned is an off-grid system which would distribute electricity with the help of an intelligent battery management and a stand-by diesel generator. Mloka´s hospital and school are in acute need of electricity. This project deals with the power supply of Mloka and Mbega Camp by means of a decentralized microgrid. The two locations will be connected by a 4 km underground transmission line. In addition to that, PV plants will be built on the roofs of the public facilities for further electricity input into the system, to reduce transmission loss. The power-plant is connected to two diesel generators and several banks of batteries to form a hybrid off-grid system in order to store solar energy and enable power supply at night.
• Project Retreat - Sustainable energy supply with biomass: The headquarters of Selous Game Reserve, the Lodge "he Retreat" and the village Kisaki are situated in this area. To attain a sustainable and more efficient energy supply, each of the facilities will be provided with a small biogas plant. Thereby, animal dung and grass are used mainly as application substances (fermenting substrates). Both substances are sufficiently present in the vicinity. The concept of combined heat and power (CHP) is applied to the respective biogas plants.
• Solar energy for a dispensary in Tanganyika Masagati: Power 4 Africa e.V. is currently supporting the installation of solar panels for a dispensary in Tanganyika Masagati, Tanzania.
• Africa Week: The Africa Week is being held annually in the second half of November at the World Trade Centre in Dresden. The event draws entrepreneurs from across Africa, moreover African Ambassadors speak on the aspirations and opportunities in their countries. It fosters cross- cultural ties and contributes to material and social progress on both continents. It breaks with a patronising Eurocentric world view and opens doors yet separating the two continents from each other. Thus it contributes to a mutually beneficial dialogue where Africa is the equal of Europe.

Bob Hooda is Chairman of Power 4 Africa e.V..

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