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LebensGut-Cobstädt e.V.

Schulplatz 8
99869 Cobstädt

Phone No.: +49 (0)36202-78765; +49 (0)1573-1748321
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Contact person: Thomas Penndorf


The community project "LebensGut-Cobstädt" was founded by some young people from Erfurt in early 2004. It is a small network of friends, projects and home-sharing communities who have a common basis here. There are now about 18 adults and 6 children living on five farmsteads close together. A cooperative communal life and economic system have been created on the farmsteads and the approx. 12 hectares of cultivated land. Various tasks and occupations have been generated in which we find self fulfilment and with which we operate together, sustainably and ecologically.

An agricultural ecosystem has been created within the framework of self-sufficiency and experimental cultivation, A “genetic pool” has been built up for the conservation of over a thousand different types of fruit. Likewise there is a small seed bank with a rare range of old varieties of cereals and vegetables. We are building up a “living pharmacy” of herbs and medicinal plants. A tailoring workshop has been added recently.
In 2008 we founded LebensGut-Cobstädt, a virtual interface and sphere of activity for a large circle of friends who partly live and work here.

• Nature experience: educational and school projects.
• Show garden Noah's ark of variety: we are preserving over 1000 rare and old fruit types for future generations.
• Tree sponsoring
• Arts and crafts: spiritual objects, smithy, jewellery workshop
• Culture and events: earth singing bowl, solstice festival, overtone singing, plant campaign, children's summer festival, garden open day.
• Apiary
• Old varieties of fruit and vegetables: conserving the diversity of our cultivated plants
• Animal husbandry and bakery
• Pilgrims' Inn: Cobstädt Presbytery
• Textile and felt workshop
• 1000 old fruit varieties for the Thüringen Rare Fruit Path along the path called the Jakobsweg (the Way of St.James).

Thomas Penndorf is one of the initiators of LebensGut Cobstädt.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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