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Jambo Bukoba e.V.

Bergerwaldstraße 12
81825 München

Phone No.: +49 (0)173 / 4 333 202
Fax No.:
Contact person: Sophie Glaesner


Jambo Bukoba, founded in 2008, is a registered NGO in Germany and Tanzania. We support children and youth in Kagera region. We use physical education in School to increase HIV / AIDS education and to empower girls. We conduct workshops for physical education teachers for capacity building. We also improve learning conditions: In 2013, we support 7 schools in renovation and construction projects.
Giving children strength through sport: We support children and young people in Bukoba, Tanzania, by teaching them face to face about HIV and AIDS, by encouraging equal opportunities for girls and by helping to improve the quality of education. We create a framework for teaching sport and the development of children through games, because we believe that sport is the best means of making children and young people strong and healthy so that they can cope with the harsh realities of daily life and so that they learn to behave responsibly towards themselves and others as a preparation for life

• Giving them strength in the fight against AIDS!: Through games and sport we build a relationship with children and young people and create an atmosphere of trust in which it is easier for them to speak about the sensitive subject of AIDS. By playing sport they can gain confidence and respect for each other as well as learning about team spirit and looking after their health in a responsible way.
• Giving them strength in the struggle for equal opportunities!: Because sporting success increases self-confidence, we would like to extend sporting opportunities for girls. We see this as a means of reducing unwanted pregnancies and HIV infection. Studies have shown that girls who actively engage in sport do not become sexually active so early. And above all it reduces prejudice amongst boys when they see the girls’ sporting skills displayed so powerfully
• Give them strength to gain a better education!: We want to improve learning conditions in schools in the Kagera region – not simply through sporting activity but also through more tables and chairs and accommodation. The number of schools with which we can work in future will depend upon our resources on the ground and the commitment of the schools involved

The following areas are the current focus of our involvement in Tanzania:
• We continue to train sports teachers through our workshops.
• We continue to provide schools with sports equipment.
• We are making detailed assessments of the needs of the schools.
• We have re-furbished our first school.
• We are organizing sporting competitions for the pupils. (Bonanzas)

Clemens Mulokozi is the Founder and Chairman of Jambo Bukoba e.V..

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