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Integration-Kulturzentrum e.V. im Kreis Mettmann (IKZ e.V.)

Talstr. 4
40822 Mettmann

Phone No.: +49 (0) 2104 142677; +49 (0)1577 96 80 211
Fax No.: +49 (0) 2104 142677
Contact person: Herr Anton Friesen


The Integration and Culture Centre was founded on 8th October 2003. It is now active in two towns, Mettmann and Erkrath, in the County of Mettmann.

The purpose of the organisation is to further the social, cultural and economic integration of immigrants from the old Soviet Union and their families into society. We provide numerous activities for children, juveniles, adults and senior citizens. The Centre wishes to unite everybody who considers integration to be important, to support immigrants in their new homeland and bring up our children in two cultures.

• Organisation and implementation of educational, social, cultural and political measures and activities for children, juveniles and adults.
• Planning and running language courses, offering assistance and other measures serving the general integration into society.
• Advancement, support and maintenance of the cultural achievements of people from what was the Soviet Union.

What we offer:
• Advice
• Information about integration in Germany for late repatriates and immigrants.
• Information events (health, drugs, violence, unemployment benefit, upbringing, bilingualism, community)
• Political education
• Youth work, youth aid
• Computer courses
• Job application training for migrants
• Language courses (German, English for parents)
• Parents' academy
• Child development provisions such as children's fairy story theatre, early musical development.
• Cross-generational leisure activities
• Holiday activities for schoolchildren

Anton Friesen M.A. is the integration specialist in the Integration Agency of the Integration and Culture Centre in Mettmann County.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in our area of competence.


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