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Tierhilfe Hoffnung – Hilfe für Tiere in Not e.V.

Ein Rettungsprojekt für rumänische Straßenhunde

Schwarzer-Hau-Weg 7
72135 Dettenhausen

Phone No.: +49 (0) 7157 / 61341; +49 (0) 160 / 90258908
Fax No.: +49 (0)7157/67102
Contact person: Matthias Schmidt


The Society of Friends “Animal Aid Hope: Help for Animals in Need” is a registered non-profit organisation based in Dettenhausen near Tübingen, Germany.

Our work
• We are an animal protection society which works without gain for itself and is financed by voluntary donations. We are especially concerned to save the street dogs which are to be found everywhere in Romania and are threatened with death.
• According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Smeura is the world's largest animal Home. We have saved the lives of many thousands of animals, which without us would be completely lost. We have fed them, given them medical treatment, accommodated them well and safely and transported many of them to other countries.
• In addition, since we came to Romania and the Smeura Home, we have castrated well over 40,000 dogs (and cats too). We have rescued thousands of puppies which had been abandoned and were found roaming in the woods and on the streets. We have built them up, taken in countless old cast-out dogs to us in the Smeura Home, looked after them and have been able to bring some of them to a safe home.
• We have picked up dogs which had been run over and lamed, given them the best veterinary care possible and, with the help of our donors, we have been able to equip almost all of them with wheel walkers and give them to good homes.
• Our more than 80 Romanian employees also have reason to be glad, as they have found work to support their families, and they, together with many other needy Romanians, can also profit from the generous donations in kind which we have been able to bring from Germany to Romania.
• We spread the idea of animal protection to the Romanian public by means of newspaper articles, television reports, public information events and working with schools. Soon we want to distribute a small Smeura newspaper to schoolchildren and thus reach their families, too. .
• Aid, too, for other needy Romanian animal protection societies: for years we have been supporting other animal Homes whose animals could not survive without our help.
• We also give food to the people who look after hungry dogs and cats on the streets and try as much as we can to help when penniless Romanian animal protection friends turn to us in desperation for help for their animals.

Matthias Schmidt is the president of “Animal Aid Hope: Help for Animals in Need”.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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