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Gesellschaft zur Hilfe an das Tibetische Volk

Lobenhauerngasse 5
1170 Wien

Phone No.: +43 1 4849087
Fax No.: +43 1 4849087
Contact person: Lobsang Gyalpo


SAVE TIBET – Society for the Aid of the Tibetan People – was founded in 1994 and is non profit-making, non partisan and religiously unaffiliated. Our aim is to use every peaceful means to support the Tibetan people in their non-violent battle for the survival of their national identity, culture and spiritual traditions and to help Tibetan refugees in Tibet, India and Nepal as well as the most socially disadvantaged Tibetans in Tibet. The society also serves as a contact point for Tibetans living in Austria who are in difficulty.

• Sponsorships – we organise over 1000 sponsorships of Tibetan refugees.
• Donations – we raise money to support social projects in Dharamsala and other places offering exile to Tibetans.
• Publicity – we seek to raise awareness of the Tibetans' situation by means of our information booklet and various events. We support Tibetan women in the realization of their right to self-determination as well as genuine autonomy.

• TCV - Tibetan Children’s Villages: these children's villages are incorporated in the international association of SOS Children's Villages. “Save Tibet” has been supporting the TCV for many years with sponsorships and by taking the products of their affiliated Handicraft Center.
• NYINGTOBLING - Tibetan Handicapped Children’s Crafts Home: the Nyingtobling Home gives handicapped Tibetan youngsters the opportunity to learn simple handicrafts within a social community. SAVE TIBET produces friendship bracelets as well as hand-painted tickets and additionally supports the project with sponsorships.
• RECEPTION CENTRE: the Reception Centre in Dharamsala receives all Tibetans fleeing to India. SAVE TIBET has been regularly supporting this refugee camp for several years, since there are still approx. 3000 people arriving every year.
• TWA - Tibetan Women´s Association: women without their own income are supported here. They receive a basic education and can train for various jobs. For example, "Stitching Needles" is a project offering women independence by learning needlework and dressmaking. SAVE TIBET supports the project with sponsorships and by buying the goods produced.
• TIPA – Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts: subjects taught here, alongside normal school subjects, are music, opera, dance, costume making, mask production, Tibetan folk music and the manufacture of instruments. SAVE TIBET supports this project with sponsorships, too.
• TRANSIT SCHOOL: SAVE TIBET has been supporting this establishment with regular contributions for years and has financed a water supply system with an 80 metre deep well providing drinking water for the residents. Finally, a large water tank was partially funded by SAVE TIBET.

Lobsang Gyalpo is the vice president of Save Tibet – Society for the Aid of the Tibetan People.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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