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Lilli e.V.

Hilfe für Kinder in Afrika

Kantstr. 5
04639 Gößnitz

Telefon: +49 (0)34493 21842; +49 (0)163 844 0383
Adresse e-mail:lillievafrika@aol.de
Interlocuteur: Sylvia Fischer

Les Thèmes

Lilli was founded in Gößnitz, Thüringen in 2009, with 22 founding members from throughout Germany. The aim of the organisation is to encourage international understanding, to provide developmental aid as well as to promote a collaboration between people from Germany and Africa to help needy children.
We focus on projects in Namibia, but we also support projects in other African countries.

Our work
• Intensive activities in schools and other German establishments, with the aim of awaking understanding for other cultures and ways of living, thereby sending a clear signal against xenophobia.
• We also want to raise public awareness of the subject “Education for Africa”.
• Primarily, we wish to support preschool education in rural Namibia. To this end, we would like to build more facilities and to support them both financially and practically.
• We arrange and support partnerships whereby children's establishments in Germany voluntarily take on a duty of care for the kindergartens in Namibia, and support them.
• We support African children in need of emergency aid and children who are sick or have been orphaned. We help them with their daily needs, with medical care, education and job training.
• We obtain the necessary funds for our work by donations of money and goods, functions in schools, kindergartens etc., talks, displays and cooperative work with companies which have business connections with African countries and which provide funds for the above mentioned undertakings.

• Lilli: supporting the little half-orphan, Lilli.
• Otjekongo kindergarten: building a kindergarten on the Otjekongo farm in Namibia.
• Grootfontein kindergartens: we have been supporting 6 kindergartens in Grootfontein, Namibia since 2011. We renovate small existing kindergartens which are in a very dilapidated state, by providing the materials and financial help they need.
• Omandumba kindergarten: building a small kindergarten on the Omandumba farm in the Erongo mountains.
• "Ngatuve vatere" (translated “How can we help?”) orphanage in Kalkfeld, Namibia: we support this establishment with 200€ a month for running costs such as gas, water and electricity.
• "Mountain Kids" orphanage in Kamerun: we have supported this orphanage in Buea, Cameroon with 500€. It was built by the organisation “ "Wegwaisen." in Cottbus, Germany.
• Kindergarten in Blantyre, Malawi: our organisation has supported the building of this kindergarten with a donation of 500€.

Sylvia Fischer is the president of Lilli.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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