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Jung & Alt e.V. - Wir verbinden Generationen

Mühlendamm 86
22087 Hamburg

Phone No.: +49 (0)40 21 999 620
Fax No.: +49 (0)40 251 77 34
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Beate Schmidt launched the Grannie Aid Service in Germany in 1979. What started as a child care service has now become an all-round service. In 1993, the individual projects were put under one roof with the founding of the society which has borne the name “Young and Old” since 2008. This is registered in Hamburg as a non-profit organisation and is recognised as a youth welfare service.

The idea:
Young and old can support each other, even without a family connection. We work as an intermediary between the generations, creating contacts, which have become rare, between elderly women and young families who would otherwise not have got to know each other. Each side can help the other generation without monetary reward, or can be the receiver of help. This creates anew the natural readiness of young and old to help others.

Cross generational projects make life more colourful and easier. Under the name “Young and Old” we have been responsible for various projects since 1979. They enable active cooperation between the generations and relieve some of the strains of daily life. Parents are happy for their children to have regular contact with their grandmother's generation and for elderly women the children can prove to be an elixir of life.

• Grannie Aid Service: elderly women look after children in emergency situations (Grannies' fire brigade) or to relieve parents for a couple of hours (babysitting). Going for a walk, playing, or helping with the housework – our volunteers love children and have time!
• Once upon a Time..: fairytale grandparents in the kindergarten, helping with homework. Our grandmothers go into their local kindergarten and tell the children stories or they help with homework or accompany a kindergarten group on outings.
• Pensioners' Aid: young families help pensioners in temporary need, as well as occasionally offering respite and fun. They help them to get through difficult situations such as convalescence after a stay in hospital or during temporary physical pain. They help by giving parents a break to go shopping, or to the theatre.
• Hör mol´n beten to!: sponsorship in an Old People's Home. Young people sponsor women in Old People's Homes who do not have many relatives or visitors, and have a chat with them or go for walks.

On request and where possible we can offer other net participants up-to-date information in the field of our work.


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