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HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust

P.O. Box 19145, University of Stellenbosch, Francie van Zijl Drive, Tygerberg Campus
7505 Cape Town
South Africa

Phone No.: +27 (0)21 938 9930
Fax No.: +27 (0)21 938 6662
Contact person: Kerstin Behlau


While the Association is the working arm of HOPE Cape Town, the Trust is securing the sustainability of HOPE Cape Town - two arms with the same goal and driven by dedicated people. HOPE Cape Town, founded in 2001, is a non-profit organisation providing outreach, education and counselling at the community level, focusing on HIV/AIDS and TB in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. HOPE Cape Town is co-located and associated with the Ithemba (Hope) Infectious Paediatric Ward at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town and is linked to the University of Stellenbosch. HOPE Cape Town cooperates with "KID-CRU", the Tygerberg Hospital research unit for paediatric infectious diseases.
The offices of HOPE Cape Town are located at the Medical School of the University of Stellenbosch - Tygerberg Campus in close vicinity of the Tygerberg Hospital

• The HOPE (or "Ithemba" in Xhosa) ward has a total of 24 beds. The Ithemba ward is dedicated to children with infectious diseases. This term is used rather than HIV or AIDS in order to reduce the stigma attached to being in the Ithemba ward.
• The HOPE Cape Town Community Health Workers are local employees, who receive ongoing training in all medical and social aspects of HIV and AIDS as well as life skills training. They have either completed or are busy with a UNISA (University of South Africa) course on "Care and Counselling" regarding HIV and AIDS and received the respective UNISA diploma. The HOPE Cape Town Community Health Workers are based at the "Primary Health Care Facilities", the so called Day Clinics, and connected to the local grass-root projects, which are also supported by HOPE Cape Town
• Prevention Programmes - HOPE Cape Town projects to help in the fight to prevent HIV and AIDS: SAVE (Safer Practice - Available Medication - Voluntary testing – Empowerment)
• HOPE Cape Town Training: Seminars, workshops and courses on HIV and AIDS
• HOPE Cape Town E-learning Course for Health Workers: An e-learning course has been developed which will train the HCWs in an efficient way with novel skills development.
• The HAART (high active antiretroviral therapy) Project: Antiretroviral therapy for sick children and adults
• Sangomas - Traditional Healers - A pilot project with traditional healers: HOPE Cape Town has realised that only close co-operation and joint efforts between western trained doctors and traditional health practitioners can combat the deadly pandemic of HIV and AIDS.
• Nutrition Project - Projects to help promote a healthy lifestyle: A collaboration between HOPE Cape Town and Harvest of Hope, which brought about an initiative whereby fresh vegetables are supplied to children (from the age of 6 months) and their mothers who have been exposed to HIV.

Kerstin Behlau is the Head of Back office of HOPE Cape Town Trust & Association.

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