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Genossenschaft FONTANA Passugg

Riedwiesli 4
7062 Malix, Passugg-Araschgen

Phone No.: +41 (0)81 250 50 55
Fax No.: +41 (0)81 250 50 57
Contact person: Steffen Schenk


The Fontana guest-house, above Passugg, was built in the late 19th century. Dorothea Brüesch, the last heiress, laid down in her will that in future it should be used for the deaf and hearing impaired. The property, with all of its buildings, has been owned by the Bündner Deaf Society (Bündner Hilfsverein für Gehörlose) for nine years. In 1993 it was acquired by the Fontana Association, Passugg, founded in the same year, for the purpose of using it for the deaf and hearing impaired.

To achieve its aims, the Fontana Association Passugg runs an educational and cultural centre with a guest house attached. The educational and cultural offerings are aimed at the deaf, the hearing impaired and people with cochlea implants.

Thus the Swiss deaf and hearing impaired, together with the hearing, make their vision of an education and culture centre come true In a great self-help project. For 10,000 deaf, 700,000 hearing impaired and 3,000 with late-onset deafness this is a very popular contact point and education centre. The courses offered have the character of further education courses, but are particularly intended to encourage a shared social experience for the deaf, the hearing impaired and the hearing.

• From this year on there will be no more courses specifically for the hearing impaired. The reorientation of the Fontana Association Passugg and the Bündner Deaf Society involves the building of a specialist institute for bilingual education for the deaf and hearing impaired in the Graubünden Canton.
• Speech development of hearing impaired children: the Bündner Deaf Society and the Fontana Association Passugg organise a conference in Chur, on the subject of the speech development of hearing impaired children.
• Intensive week for people training to be sign language interpreters: the Swiss Deaf Federation SGB-FSS runs a week's intensive course for people training to be sign language interpreters in Fontana House.
• Intensive weekend course for families and relatives of deaf children in the Fontana Passugg educational institution.

Courses organised by pro audito Switzerland
• Communication training
• Concentration and relaxation

Rooms in the Fontana Guest House may also be used by people not involved in the educational and cultural courses, if available. Similarly, Fontana House, with its seminar rooms, may be booked by external organisations, in order to make best use of the facilities. The requirements of the deaf and hearing impaired have priority.

Steffen Schenk is the director of the Fontana Association, Passugg.

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. In addition we can offer advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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