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Hilfe für Menschen mit Hirnverletzung und ihre Angehörigen

Beckenhofstrasse 70
8006 Zürich

Phone No.: +41 (0)44 360 30 60
Fax No.: +41 (0)44 360 30 66
Contact person: Dominique Marty


FRAGILE Switzerland, founded in 1991, is a self-help and specialist organisation for people with brain lesions, their relatives, as well as experts and other interested parties.

FRAGILE Switzerland offers a network of information and expertise on all questions related to the topic of “Living with a brain lesion”, as well as providing services. What marks out FRAGILE Switzerland is the collaboration between sufferers of brain lesions, their families and specialists in the field.

FRAGILE Switzerland acts as a national umbrella organisation representing the interests of people with brain lesions, regulates the services of the Federal Social Security Office and is responsible for adherence to the ZEWO guidelines. as well as coordinating and supporting the regional associations in their work.

We want to ensure that
• everyone with a brain lesion and their relatives, throughout Switzerland, receive the necessary professional medical, therapeutic, legal and social services;
• everyone with a brain lesion is recognised and understood;
• they and their families are integrated into society, that they receive all the support they need to make use of their resources and, where possible, are able to participate actively in social developments.

FRAGILE Switzerland's services:
• Advice and helpline – free of charge, in one-to-one talks or in groups
• Supervised accommodation – we supervise those who live at home instead of in a Home
• FRAGILE Switzerland Academy– we organise courses and further education for those affected, their relatives and for professionals
• Publicity – we inform the public and raise awareness as well as representing the interests of sufferers and their families
• The 11 regional associations offer local advice, self-help groups, leisure activities and sometimes courses and meetings for sufferers and their relatives.

Dominique Marty is on the board of FRAGILE Switzerland and is head of communication.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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