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Burg 25 & Haus Haslen
9620 Lichtensteig

Telefon: +41(0)719885273
Telefax: +41(0)719885273
Adresse e-mail:Klangwerkstattkreativ@gmx.ch
Interlocuteur: Kleindienst, Andreas

Les Thèmes

Our workshops are located in a still intact rural environment in Switzerland. We have various tone and sound workshops at our disposal to enable children as from the age of approximately 6 years, disabled, adults and whoever feels involved to further and accompagny creative talents. Music therapies, different other aids and possibilities become feasible by trained helpers some of whom are working on a voluntary basis in a wide field.

According to prior agreement we can offer an overnight accommodation. We can give advice to other net participants in the field of "creative work in the broadest sense of the word" and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts. In addition to that, we offer our assistance in the most different handicraft branches (construction of music instruments, pottery, wood and stone processing, simply everything that can be made by hand).


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