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Oasis Drumont

5 route du Drumont
88540 Bussang

Telefon: +33/329615166
Adresse e-mail:COEN.TAO@wanadoo.fr
Interlocuteur: Reith, Coen

Les Thèmes

The association "Oasis Drumont"which is still in the setting up phase is located in the centre of the nature area in the High Vosges. It covers a large area with a guest house, a kitchen, a campsite with showers, water closets, recreation room and a big studio. Moreover, there is a large residential building where a small living community could live, which takes care of the further development of the project and can earn its own money with the activities in the centre.

The objective of the association is to support people in the development of their consciousness. In our centre in Bussang, visitors are encouraged and supported to:

- be themselves (relaxation at the moment),
- discover themselves (exchange and reflection with others),
- express themselves (to be creative).

For this purpose, special fields of experience are planned where certain human aspects such as physical awareness, erotic awareness, self-awareness, heart-awareness, expression awareness, insight consiciousness and unity awareness are made aware well-directedly and experienced intensively. In these fields of experience, groups work together on a certain programme and development of consciousness takes place in a spontaneous and playful way. Reliable ways which strengthen each other are used and combined in the programme:

- various technologies of art, such as creative art, music, dance,
- shamanistic techniques from different traditions,
- various spiritual ways out of old religions,
- various technologies of the modern era from transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy,
- natural healing methos.

Moreover, we want to be open as a seminar centre where groups, trainings and meetings of other people can take place which join the objectives of our association.
Whoever wants to get to know us or who wants to work together with us as a volunteer, is most welcome.

We can offer overnight accommodations for other net participants.


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