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namibiakids e.V.

Am Drehmannshof 25
47475 Kamp Lintfort

Phone No.: +49-2842-9736080; +49-171-8040440; +264-81-3261303
Fax No.: +49-2842-9736099
Contact person: Harald Braun


namibiakids e.V. has been supporting and encouraging the education of children and teenagers in Namibia since 2006. The projekt is in the township of Hakhaseb near the town of Usakos (250 km from Windhoek).
We enable children from families living in poverty and AIDS orphans to get access to education, and in doing so, the opportunity for a self-sustainable and better life!

Our work
We provide Children from very poor families and AIDS orphans access to education, it gives them opportunities for the future – a way to an independent life!
After school the children come to us to get a full lunch which is prepared by our interns. We are supported by donations from local donors. Homework will be made with support / tuition as well as English and math lessons. Instruction in personal hygiene, HIV / AIDS and sex education by a certified, local trainer, is a very important issue.
To prepare the kids for future, we intend to launch the project "Help for themselves - Handmade Kids in Namibia for Namibia." There the young people are trained in tailoring, in carpentry and locksmith and so they get the opportunity to find a job in the future.

Harald Braun is the Chairman of Namibiakids e.V.

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