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Sabatina e.V.

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61268 Wehrheim

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Contact person: Sanah Rahimi


Sabatina James, a young woman from Pakistan, has managed to free herself from the oppression of Muslim girls and women. She has written a book about her own painful experience, and, through the establishment of the association Sabatina e.V., is helping Muslim women lead a self-determined, free life. The nonprofit organization Sabatina e.V. was founded in March 2006 and is based in Hamburg.

Sabatina e.V. provides assistance to Muslim women who – due to violence within the family, threatened, or already implemented forced marriage or honor killing threats – require the help of others.

The aim of Sabatina e.V. is to help women who are threatened by oppression and violence, to offer them protection and shelter and to assist them in developing their talents, both in Germany and in the home countries of the girls and women.
These objectives can be achieved through:
• Specific help for victims: Contact persons of the association provide psychological support and advice and information about the human rights situation. They support the women and girls concerned and provide contacts to protection facilities, at home and abroad, which are supported by the association.
• Awareness work: Through lectures, publications and articles in the media, the public is informed about the situation of those affected, sensitized to it and educated about it. Through enlightenment, Sabatina wants to increase public awareness of the situation of the women and to uncover and combat abuse. Sabatina is fighting for tolerance, respect for cultural diversity and a non-violent, peaceful co-existence in this world.

Our work
• Help for oppressed, abused and vulnerable women: The offers of help by Sabatina e.V. at a glance: Psychological and pastoral initial care; Advice and assistance by telephone or in personal conversations in secure locations; Placement: 24-hour emergency hotline, anonymous medical care, temporary and permanent accommodation in protection facilities; Financial support for accommodation, meals, in individual cases, also legal fees; Assistance in arranging job opportunities and with public authorities matters; Coaching in personality development.
• With presentations, flyers, collecting signatures and support of vigils, Sabatina e.V. participates in educating people to this massive violation of human rights. With the help of Partner organisations we support traumatised women and girls from Iraq and Christians from Pakistan, who are in need.
• Liberation from slavery work in Pakistan: Sabatina e.V. wants to offer the opportunity for a new, liberated life to the enslaved women and girls from the Punjab. The women are taught in sewing in evening classes, which are carried out by a partner organization.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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