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Nangu Thina.e.V.

Edith-Stein-Anlage 3
53123 Bonn

Telefon: +49 (0)2234 251 9551
Adresse e-mail:kontakt@nangu-thina.de
Interlocuteur: Uwe Bothur

Les Thèmes

Nangu Thina is a recognised non-profit organisation with active members in Europe and Africa. It is a platform for carrying out various projects in and with South Africa. Groups and individuals work together toward the same goal: to help children and young people in Germany and South Africa to have better future prospects and to learn from one another.

Our work:
• Projects for children and young people: many projects in the Nangu Thina network have been initiated and carried out by our numerous partners on the network. Nangu Thina helps with contacts, donations in cash and kind, materials, expert knowledge and advice. Click here for a summary of our projects. In particular, the Scout Association and Girl Guide Association of South Africa are important partners and, with their 20,000 members, they give us access to the younger generation in South Africa and guarantee the sustainability of the projects at grass roots level.
• Encounters, cultural exchange and cross-cultural learning: the meetings between scouts and guides from different cultures are an important aspect of Nangu Thina's work. We endeavour to bring people from various walks of life and with various cultural backgrounds into contact with each other, enabling a unique glimpse into another culture. Every year, groups from the Nangu Thina network travel to Africa and up to 100 South Africans travel to Europe.
• Voluntary service: this programme offers an opportunity to experience the culture of the host country over a longer period, by living and working there. Nangu Thina also gives young South Africans the chance to experience Europe.
• Fair Trade: we have repeatedly supported fair trade projects recently. To mention just one, there is the Lucky Bembe project, by which scouts and guides throughout the world have been happy to receive wooden name badges. Or there is the Goodness Mokuena project, which has put zebra woggles on the market.
• Health education, HIB & AIDS prevention: HIV /AIDS is still incurable, but medicines now mean that it has become a controllable disease. So several partners in the Nangu Thina network decided to get together to help improve the situation of children and young people affected, who often live as orphans or half orphans.
• Scout Centre: for many years, it was just a dream for the scouts and guides in Mpumalanga to have a their own centre for their educational work. This dream came true on 1st September 2012, when the Scout Centre in Nelspruit was ceremonially opened, in the presence of many high ranking guests. Thanks to the support of Nangu Thina and the Umckaloabo Trust, the scouts and guides in Mpumalanga now have a place which is gradually filling with life and the Association has the necessary structures to be able to grow further.
Our website www.nangu-thina.de gives detailed information about our work and individual projects.

Uwe Bothur is the President of Nangu Thina.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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