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Dr. Rainer Engels

Maria-Montessori-Allee 85
53229 Bonn

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Contact person: Engels Dr., Rainer


Dr. Rainer Engels is deputy manager of Germanwatch e.V. and head of the TradeWatch-Campaign.

Germantwatch is an independent and non-party North-South-initiative. It stands up for the orientation of the politics of the Federal Republic of Germany to the role model of the future compliance for the North and the South.
Germanwatch supports the willingness of the German population for necessary structural changes so that new chances for independent development programmes are set up in developing countries. The North cannot claim the prosperity and wealth of the world for itself alone. On the contrary, an economic and ecological reorientation in the North are the preconditions so that the people in the South can live under humane conditions.

A well-directed dialogue with politics and economy, media and public relations work as well as campaigns are central elements of their working method. Apart from development policy and climatic protection, foodstuffs security and the social and economic organization of the world trade are the main issues of Germanwatch.

According to prior agreement I can give advice on global agricultural trade and international investments to other net participants, I can give a lecture and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts.


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