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Gesellschaft für Zukunftsgestaltung e.V.


Erkelenzdamm 47
10999 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30/6156768
Telefax: +49 30/61658823
Adresse e-mail:E.Lischke@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Lischke, Eva und Weinberg, Hermann

Les Thèmes

The "NETZWERK ZUKUNFT" with local knots in Germany, Austria and Switzerland considers itself to be a forum for the exchange between people from the most different areas of life, work and experience. Not only scientific or technical pioneering activities are demanded, but most of all social innovations for a peaceful and self-determining living together as well as the preservation of the ecological bases of life. The association "NETZWERK ZUKUNFT e.V." is economically and party-politically independent. It is working together with other organizations of the future on a national and international level

"NETZWERK ZUKUNFT" wants to encourage to develop personal commitment, creativity and social phantasy. It wants to exert an influence on social decision-making processes and open future-oriented options for actions. It sees itself as a place of refuge, turntable and communicator for subjects regarding the planning of the future and offers a forum to all of those who are interested in questions referring to the future. An active collaboration in decentrally organized network knots is possible and explicitly desired.

"NETZWERK ZUKUNFT" collects and communicates important knowledge about the future and supports social experiments up to the carrying-out of exemplary planning projects and a long-term political consultation.

Activities of the network are:

- Co-publication of the magazine "ZUKÜNFTE" (=futures)
- Organization of talks about the future, conferences and future regulars´ tables
- Organization of future workshops
- Documentation an publication of future knowledge
- Networking of activities, organizations and people of futurology and planning of the future

We offer expert advice, we give lectures and arrange for contacts referring to the subjects: community work, methods of participation (such as future workshops), sustainable development, new technologies, among other things fields of futurology.


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