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IPA Initiative Partner für Afrika e.V.

c/o Konrad Meyfarth

Zinsweilerweg 20 c
14163 Berlin

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Contact person: Dr. Konrad Meyfarth


The non-profit organisation IPA (Partners for Africa Initiative), founded in 1993, is an association of one-time development aid workers who worked in Zimbabwe as doctors, teachers and lecturers, as well as friends from Germany who have been supporting projects, mainly in the Chirimanzu district, for many years.

For us it is important that
• only underprivileged children and young people in rural areas receive our support
• every donation reaches the recipient directly
• and the use that it is put to is checked.

• Secondary schools: 50 computers for the Neshangwe High School and the Leopold Takawira High School (equipping a media centre)
• Primary schools: for many years we have supported the primary schools Maponda, Gurumatunhu and Chihosho, in the rural district of Chirumanzu, as well as Senga, in a suburb of Gweru near the Gweru Teachers College, with books and teaching materials. Since UNICEF began to provide teaching materials for the rural primary schools two years ago, these schools have decided to use our donations for pupils' desks.
• Gweru Children´s Home - "Rosedale" Midlands Childrens Home: about 30 years ago the Gertrud Scheu (a Swiss social worker) Children's Home was founded as a non-profit organisation, together with some people from Gweru. Often, the children will be delivered there as babies, because they no longer have families. At present there are 60 children, ranging from toddlers to school age children. Some years ago a piece of land was acquired where juveniles who are not capable of living independently can live and learn farm work.
• individual assistance: although IPA primarily supports projects, helping a parish, school or group of people, there have been exceptions, where we have stepped in to support individuals in cases of special need.
• School libraries
• Agricultural projects: Maponda Irrigation Project.

Dr. Konrad Meyfarth is the president of IPA.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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