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The Website fills in the information gaps in the political field of managing and preventing civil conflict. and provides free downloadable teaching materials on peace education for middle and upper schools. Over 50 current conflicts are presented for young people on an interactive world map, and there is an interactive “Happy Families” game as well as many pictures, videos and links. Two simulation games are ready for use in lessons, and a third is in preparation. Speakers on peace education are also available for schools to invite through this platform. These EN-PAZ speakers on peace education involve the children in simulation games and give lessons about international conflicts and initiatives to deal with civil conflict. The internet platform EN-PAZ is the youth platform of the peace education trust. The portal developed out of the national campaign “Schools Peace Movement”, which was a reaction to the increased advertising for the army in schools.
EN-PAZ is looking for one-year interns and voluntary workers. You can support us in our Berlin office or from your home.

The aim of the non-profit organisation EN-PAZ is the advancement of non-violent conflict management at a personal, societal and international level. In order to address young people in particular, the portal contains interactive elements, a community area and information about voluntary work in the field of civil conflict management.

Our work:
• Peace education is important in every school. EN-PAZ recommends starting in the lower and middle schools, with non-violent means of solving inter-personal conflicts. The materials from the Tübingen Institute of Peace Politics are suitable for solving disputes between school pupils, giving children a model to help them bring conflicts between each other to a peaceful solution, using mediation. Also, the first steps towards solving international conflicts are introduced and clearly explained with the portal “Peace Questions”.
• Interactive World map: this introduces the subject to youngsters through play outside school. There are little bombs shown on the map wherever there are warlike conflicts. By clicking on the icons you are led to videos. picture galleries and a description of the conflict and of projects by civil peace workers and the UN peace missions. Working with this online can be given as homework or done voluntarily to pursue the subject further. Links to other sources enable deeper research, e.g. at university level.
• Peace Happy Families: this game aims to present personal, societal, international and systemic conflicts side by side, as for example conflicts over resources, so that parallels between conflict types can be clearly seen. A personal conflict has similar underlying analytic criteria as an international conflict. A non-violent solution of a conflict between nations is just as possible as of one between father and son, ethnic disputes with migrants etc.
• Internship: En-PAZ Berlin is a recognised internship placement for political science, peace and conflict research, education and social education. However, we also offer exciting placements for graphic designers, programmers, campaigners and networkers. We offer an exciting working environment, combining science, current affairs and modern media, for young people doing work experience from school, artists and others from various areas of interest.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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