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Konga - Freundeskreis Tshuapa e.V.

Partnerschaft mit den Regenwaldvölkern am Tshuapa RD Congo

Rosenstrasse 7
66679 Losheim am See

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Contact person: Wolfgang Leinen, Michael Jochem


The "Konga – Circle of Friends in Tshuapa", Konga for short, acts as a partner for local self-help organisations in Tshuapa, in the equatorial province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Konga provides a forum in Germany and a platform for mutual exchange. It advises and supports their local self-help projects, with regard to sustainable development.

Our organisation raises awareness among the European public of the marginalised inhabitants of the rain forest and their needs. We focus on justice, maintenance of their natural resources and the conservation of the environment.

Konga promotes and supports an exchange and partnership between groups and individuals of the different cultures.

• Protecting the rain forest and its inhabitants
• Fair trade
• No patents on seeds. Stop the patenting of plants and animals!
• Blood mobile phones

Projects with local partners (selection):
• Moringa – arbor vitae project. Natural medicine: health for everyone, using local resources.
• Twinning - Jumelage Cité de Bokungu RD Congo – Losheim am See Deutschland
• Payback Congo: old mobile phones for education projects in the rain forest
• Beehive investment: reafforestation in the Lower Congo by means of honey production.
• School bench project: strengthening local communities and improving the learning situation in the rain forest
• Vocational training for young people with no financial means from the isolated Tschuapa rainforest.

Michael Jochem is the president of Konga – Circle of Friends in Tschuapa

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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