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07952 Ranspach

Phone No.: +49 3743/222676
Fax No.: +49 3743/222676
Contact person: Schöngarth, Martin


In 1977, Martin Schöngarth ended up in Ranspach more or less by chance. Meanwhile, he owns an inn, a farm with 4 hectares of arable farmland (both buildings are well preserved, but at the same time not very well kept) a 2000 square metres large pond and 2 hectares of spruce wood. He places these properties at the disposal of interested people. At present 4 persons are living in Oadien.

In fact, a concrete plan for this project does not exist, however, personal objectives do exist:

- the cultural enrichment of the region
- an ascetic lifestyle
- the self-supply from one's own cultivation (experiments with wild/half-wild growing of vegetables, for example Fukuoka).

The idea is that our today's consumption is the result of poor compensation attempts to regain a lost equilibrium. Such an addictive behaviour has mental reasons which at the same time must be the cause of the ecological crisis. This insight points to a tragic cultivation of apathy, incompetence to be satisfied and to bear silence and, while trying to show alternatives, they describe an environmental protection, which is no "environmental protection".

Martin Schöngarth, born in 1976, is single, "improvisation brownie" and has a Christian attitude.

After prior agreement, I offer overnight accommodations for other net participants and other people, even for a major period of time, for example to relax (sometimes, it looks a little chaotic here). In addition to that, I am available as an interested person to talk to, if required. Moreover, I place arable land at the disposal of people who are absolutely willing to supply themselves from their own bio-cultivation in order to free themselves from unnatural material or practical constraints. Finally, I offer my assistance in other fields as well.


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