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Kawaida Sozialer Dienst in Afrika e.V.

Boberger Furt 22
21033 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (0)89/46228057; +49 (0)176/34621216
Adresse e-mail:info@kawaida.de
Interlocuteur: Jakob Bahret

Les Thèmes

People returning from voluntary service in Tanzania, together with interested friends, founded Kawaida in 2006. We believe that voluntary service overseas offers a unique opportunity to get to know a foreign culture, so we wish to increase the small number of placements on offer at present. In 2008 we were one of the first organisations to be officially recognised as a “weltwärts” sending agency.

• to support Tanzanian projects which give children and youngsters better living conditions and prospects.
• to provide our volunteers with high quality placements enabling them to be integrated as fully as possible in the culture of the host country
• cross-cultural exchange between Tanzania and Germany, contributing to a lessening of prejudice.

• Dogodogo Centre - Multipurpose Training Centre (MTC): here, one-time street children receive vocational training e.g. in carpentry or dressmaking, but also as performing artists. The apprenticeships last two years, at the end of which the apprentices take a state examination and receive their tools, i.e. planes, saws etc. for the carpenters, a sewing machine for the dressmakers and a musical instrument for the performing artists. This enables them to make a living afterwards.
• Talent Search and Empowerment (TSE): TSE is a new organisation, offering young people meaningful afternoon activities. It started in the summer of 2007, with a football team. In 2008 a computer training centre was added, and in the long term there will be a music school.
• Kinondoni Communication Centre (KCC): The KCC arose out of a self-help neighbourhood aid facility in Kinondoni, a fast-growing suburb of Dar es Salaam. Its task is to improve living standards in the area. A kindergarten is the main project, as well as lobbying the authorities for an improvement in the infrastructure.
• Baba Watoto Centre (BWC): this is a youth centre in Dar es Salaam.
• Community Based Children´s Care Trust Fund (CBCCTF): CBCCTF is a Tanzanian non-profit organisation working to improve the situation of socially disadvantaged children.
• Deconstructing Africa / Europe: seven artists from Germany and Tanzania have made it their task to refute common clichés about Europe and Africa. They have published some stunning photos and videos.
• Fire brigade: Kawaida supports the exchange programme of the youth fire brigade in Hamburg with Tanzania and the training programme of the Hamburg voluntary fire brigade for professional fire fighters in Dar es Salaam, by interlingual communication.

Voluntary service, work experience placements: Kawaida offers young people an opportunity to work in our partner projects for 13 months. This can be voluntary work within the framework of the “weltwärts” programme.

Jakob Bahret is on the committee of Kawaida.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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