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Stiftung Menschen für Tiere e.V. (Stiftung MfT)

Ehrenbergstraße 23
14195 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 (0)30 83 90 89 25
Fax No.: +49 (0)30 83 90 89 26
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The People for Animals Trust was created by the Action-Animal-People Society in 2003.

The non-profit organisation People for Animals Trust works towards the objective of connecting people and animals more closely. Thus we focus on animal protection lessons for children, as well as letting animals help traumatised children. The Trust has been operating since 2006.

• Animal protection rooms; these allow children to obtain accurate information on the subject of animal protection. Within the framework of the campaign “12 municipal boroughs, 12 animal protection rooms”, the People for Animals Trust would like to donate 12 nature and animal protection rooms to Berlin. The preconditions are a suitable room in a school and teaching staff to look after it.
• Sun Court: this has been a unique meeting place for people and animals since 2002. In the idyllic setting of Rottenbuch in upper Bavaria, it is a sanctuary for dogs which, after being saved and receiving medical treatment, are waiting for a new, animal-loving home. In addition, Sun Court is a project for traumatised or chronically sick children who, by contact with our animals, are better able to cope with their physical and mental illnesses.
• Schoolyard Jungle: national schools biodiversity competition. (Looking for the most species-rich schoolyard). This is supported by the Ministry of the Environment, among others. The aim of the project is to give children and young people a chance to experience the local world of nature by making their schoolyard into a biotope, reorganizing it to be as natural as possible.
• Meißen Winkwitz Animal Home: over the last few years, the Animal Protection Society, in existence since 2000, has managed in very difficult circumstances to create an Animal Home on the plot of what was originally an agricultural production cooperative. .
• Rastede Wild Animal Collecting Station: support for the Collecting Station with funds for building a station for exotic animals.

Ulrich Laudick is the president of the People for Animals Trust (MfT).

On request we can provide up to date information and contacts in the fields of: animal protection and environment lessons, general animal protection. Further support available: the People for Animals Trust has successfully introduced several animal protection rooms in German schools. With our expert knowledge and experience we are glad to give tips and information on the subject of animal protection and environment education.


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