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Verein zur Förderung neuer Arbeitsformen

Seefeldstr. 27
8008 Zürich

Phone No.: +41 12717020
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Contact person: Martignoni, Jens


The association FleXibles has been existing since 1992. FleXibles stands up for other forms of work

· where social benefit and individual self-realization through work are no contradiction any more
· where other forms of monetary systems are used which do no not have an exploitative effect just because of their bases
· where equality of women and men is just as natural as doing without traditional role allocations
· where the development of diverse concepts of life and work - together with children as well - takes place on the basis of social solidarity
· where work is more than only gainful employment and possession of money, not the measure of all things
· where work to safeguard the individual material essentials of life goes along with social necessary (and satisfying) social work when bringing up children, voluntary work, care for the elderly etc.
· where work is not life but a satisfying part of an even conduct of life with diverse social change of ideas
· where people live and work with an ecologically sustainable orientation and consideration of the limited resources of our planet.

In this regard, FleXibles initiates in particular its own projects or supports also projects of other people and organizations.

After prior agreement, we can give expert advice on the subjects: alternative money, organization development and conflicts, we can give a lecture and arrange for contacts.


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