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Projekthilfe Dr. Luppa e.V.

Postfach 1122
92201 Amberg

Phone No.: +49 9621/600690
Fax No.: +49 9621/762946
Contact person: Dr. Siebenb├╝rger, Ulrich


Dr. H.C.Luppa started to provide development aid in 1964 - first with donations of medicines, then by building hospitals and orphanages and with over 200 individual activities. In recognition of his great achievements and the close association with the name Dr.Luppa, the name of the organisation was changed; first (in 1997) becoming the "Amberger Aid Association Dr.Luppa" and again (in 2005) the " Dr.Luppa Aid Project".

The Dr.Luppa Aid Project seeks to help people to help themselves through incentive financing and the setting up of medical facitities or projects fostering the general health of the population of developing countries. The summary below lists some of the projects:

- Setting up accommodation in Bombay for c. 120 destitute patients from hospitals in the surrounding area.
- Building an orphanage for boys, a home for the blind and a home economics school, as well as a program for street children in India.
- Building an Old People's Home for Tibetan refugees in northern India.
- Building a Health Care Centre in the Philippines, establishing a mobile clinic in India and offering regular support to three orphanages in India and the Philippines.
- Providing seeds and an integrated health program with a basic health station to flood victims in Bangladesh.
- Aids/HIV campaigns, integrated health development scheme with training, birth planning and the provision of four health care centres in Cameroon.
- Many personal loans and self-employment programs for women and marginalised groups in southern India.
- Providing drinking water and vocational training schools in Burkina Faso.
- Health Care Centre in Malawi.
- Arranging sponsorships for children and trainees.

Dr. Ulrich Siebenb├╝rger is the president. He has 30 volunteer members at his side.

We can provide overnight accommodation to other net participants. In addition we can offer advice on development aid in relation to health care or give a presentation. Apart from this, we offer reciprocal visits to projects in common target countries.


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