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Kalinago e.V. und Eine-Welt-Laden Storkow

Verein zur Förderung des letzten indigenen Volkes der Karibik

Waldweg 25
15859 Kehrigk

Telefon: +49 33678/6 04 93
Telefax: +49 33678/6 31 43
Adresse e-mail:famdarimont@hotmail.com
Interlocuteur: Darimont, Elmar

Les Thèmes

Kalinago founded itself on May 27, 1997, and is a union of meanwhile 19 interested people who stand up for the preservation of the culture and traditional knowledge of the last indigenous people in the Caribbean, the Caribbeans or as they called themselves: Kalinago. This people is the last in a series of Indian people who moved about 12,000 years ago from the Asiatic region across the Behring Street to the American continent and about 5,000 years ago from the South-American continent to the East-Caribbean Islands. The arrival of the Caribbeans on the islands is dated back approximately to the eighth century AD. Today, the last Caribbeans who survived the brutal European colonialism are living in a small community (abt. 3,500 people) on the Caribbean Island Dominica (not to be mistaken for the Dominican Republic). Genetically related tribes exist in Trinidad, Guyana, Venezuela, Belize and Guatemala.

The standard of living of the Caribbeans is far below the average standard of living of the country which causes an increased migration. Consequently, the community as such is endangered. Kalinago e.V. starts here by financing bus tickets for secondary schools. Apart from school education, we try to promote the thinking of the Caribbeans, above all the thinking of the children, about their own history and their traditions. In cooperation with the One-World-Shop Storkow the sponsor of which is Kalinago e.V. we improve their income situation by selling handicraft products of the Caribbeans.

We offer a lecture (text, slides, photos, video) on Dominica and the Caribbeans for interested people. We have many tips and informative material for Dominica travellers. Upon request, we arrange for the further education course for teachers "Eine Welt in der Grundschule" (One World in Primary Schools) for primary schools which is recognized by the pedagogical regional institute of Brandenburg.

Kalinago e.V. is independent, does not get any allowances from third parties and therefore it finances its work exclusively from membership contributions and above all from donations.

We offer lectures, informative material and a further education course for teachers on the above mentioned subjects


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