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Förderverein Berufsbildung in Gambia e.V. (FBiG)

Höhenweg 6
91522 Ansbach

Telefon: +49 981 2141172
Telefax: +49 981 2174577
Adresse e-mail:info@fbig.de
Interlocuteur: Joachim Wilkens

Les Thèmes

The mission of the Friends' Association for Vocational Training in Gambia (FbiG) is to enable young Gambians to qualify for a job after they leave school. To this end, we have created a Vocational College which awards certificates of apprenticeship.

Our vision is a network of vocational colleges in each of Gambia's 6 districts, offering on-the-job training. Building on this, master colleges to train the trainers, in order to improve the qualifications in the long term.

Our aims:
• Our aim is the creation of a vocational college in Gambia. It will be run on the German model, but taking account of Gambian culture. Young people will follow full-time courses, both theoretical and practical. The following jobs will be on offer: fruit and vegetable grower, carpenter, bricklayer, metalworker, electrician and mechanic. At the end of their course, apprentices will receive a certificate equivalent to the German “Gesellenbrief”. The standard of training is comparable to that in Germany.
• The main aim in Germany is to raise awareness for the necessity of vocational training in Gambia and to make clear that there are advantages for both sides. Young Germans can work on the project, and can gain experience through exchanges. They learn a job and at the same time get to know and respect people in a foreign country. They have the chance to set themselves off on the right path.
• The main aim in Gambia is to give young people there a chance to earn an economically viable living. They learn about young Germans through the exchanges and begin to see Germany with new eyes, as well as learning that they have real prospects in their own country. They do not need to escape and risk their lives.

The development aid programme of the FBiG is divided into:
• self-organised aid groups in which the educational and other needs of the participants are pursued without performance orientation.
• Aid groups led by honorary staff, in which the participants learn about aid and education in Africa.
• Work experience placements for 3 months in the year, dedicated to approaching various job-training possibilities, encouraging self-awareness and understanding of others, and imparting knowledge of development aid and vocational training in Africa.
• Workshops lasting from one to four weeks, in which development aid and vocational training for young Africans are experienced within a fixed time frame and a creative exchange is encouraged.
• Projects in which a topic is worked on and presented using various methods and over a longer period of time.
• Events which awaken interest in development aid and vocational training in Africa – in the widest sense – and which encourage participants to try out the various facets of the aid projects.

Joachim Wilkens is the president of the Friends' Association of Vocational Training in Gambia (FBiG).

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