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KommRum e.V.

Schnackenburgstr. 4
12159 Berlin-Friedenau

Phone No.: +49 (0)30 8519025
Fax No.: +49 (0)30 8593176
Contact person: Heidrun Pahl


KommRum offers social-psychiatric help within the network of Berlin's obligatory psychiatric care. KommRum was founded in 1980, arising out of the “anti-psychiatry” movement at that time.

The society's mission: to enable people with and without psychiatric experience to come together and to awaken their mutual understanding. We see psychotic experience in the broadest sense as a component part of personality, alongside others, which at the present time cannot be understood – it is “insane”. (Wordplay in the German language: insane = displaced).

We approach our clients in this sense and with this understanding. We want to support them and to help them to understand the “displaced” part of their personality again, to readjust and to be able to return to a coherent whole. This implies that this “displacement” can be reached, that it makes sense for “insane” and “normal” people to come together and that this encounter is beneficial for both parties.

What we offer:
• Berlin Contact and Advice Centre (KBS). This provides a low-threshold, free-of-charge and anonymous advice and encounter service for the mentally ill. KommRum's KBS special concept is to provide psycho-social and cultural opportunities which appeal equally to people with and without psychiatric experience.
• Accommodation with therapeutic support: we offer mentally ill people sheltered accommodation, in groups or individually, with continual support from unchanging staff members. This provision is aimed at people who need help in various ways, such as self-sufficiency and independent living, dealing with their illness, overcoming crises, planning their day, work and occupation.
• KommRum cafés in Berlin-Friedenau and Berlin-Friedrichshain: our cafés are open to anyone interested. They maintain a pleasant atmosphere and have a wide range on offer. In particular, the cafés are intended to help bridge the gap between “normal” and “displaced”. There are regular events, both professional and cultural.
• Women's Shelter Plus+: the Women's Shelter Plus+ in Czeminskistrasse offers help to homeless women with particular personal needs. We support homeless women suffering from serious mental problems, personality crises and addiction.
• Art gallery – web gallery "The uncanny taming of self-will": on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Kommrum in 2005, we organised an art competition. The given theme was "The uncanny taming of self-will". There were well over 200 entries. In our web gallery you still have the chance to wander through this impressive exhibition.

Heidrun Pahl is a qualified social education worker in the team of the Kommrum Contact and Advice Centre in Friedenau.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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