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KAIBIGAN Deutschland e.V.

Hilfe für philippinische Kinder

Buschstr. 50
45739 Oer-Erkenschwick

Phone No.: +49 2368/6599
Fax No.: +49 2368/693252
Contact person: Eisele, Peter


In 1991, Kaibigan Deutschland e.V. was founded by the present chairman Peter Eisele to support the "Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Program" which gives financial assistance to street urchins in Manila, the Philippines.

The association tries to gain in particular godparents for long-term godparenthoods who accompany "their" child, if possible, until it finished school, respectively the vocational training.

Within the framework of the special godparenthood program "Adopt A Pupil Program" Kaibigan Deutschland e.V. takes over the promotion of girls whose parents cannot send them to a secondary school after they have visited the 6-class primary school for financial reasons.

Peter Eisele was born in 1948, he is married, has got two children and is director of the adult education centre of the city of Oer-Erkenschwick.

After prior agreement, we can give expert advice to other net participants on the Philippines, the Third World, the situation of women and children, as well as prostitution, we can give a lecture and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts. Moreover, we offer our assistance for the creation of web sites.


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