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Watch Indonesia! e.V.

Urbanstr. 114
10967 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 30-69817938
Fax No.: +49 30-69817938
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Watch Indonesia! e.V., an association founded in 1991 and registered since 1994 consists of a group of Indonesians, Portugueses and Germans who understand themselves as a forum for discussion of questions of democracy and human rights in Indonesia and East Timor. With all appropriate means we stand up for education and safeguarding democratic structures in all political and social areas and promote corresponding efforts and initiatives. We inform about damage and danger to the environment and stand up for measures which serve for its protection or improvement. Apart from the situation on the spot, our attention is also directed at the responsibility of Germany and other industrialized countries.

Our work is oriented towards the needs of the persons affected as they are formulated by prosecuted, discriminated or otherwise disadvantaged groups or individuals in Indonesia and East Timor itself, respectively by their non-government organizations (NGOs) in Indonesia and East Timor. We are working closely together with groups from Indonesia and East Timor that stand up for democracy, human rights and environment.

Our work consists of:

- Work for human rights and lobbies
- Clarification, education and information on development policy
- Work in the field of intercultural understanding and exchange of culture
- Projects and cooperation with partner-NGOs (non-government organizations) in Indonesia and East Timor
- Press and public relations work

With our information, clarification and mediating work, we want to have an influence on politicians, other important multiplicators and the public and thus have an active influence on the policy of our government towards Indonesia. The East-Timor-group of Watch Indonesia is working for the same objectives referring to East Timor. In addition to that, a continuous information work for West-Papua is aimed at.

Watch Indonesia! publishes the magazine "Indonesian-Information" in irregular intervals.

We can give expert advice to other net participants, deliver expert opinions, give lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the areas of Indonesia/East-Timor and subjects related to them.


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