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Imkerverein Steglitz e.V.

Neuwerker Weg 17A
14167 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 817 48 84
Adresse e-mail:info@imkerverein-steglitz.de
Interlocuteur: Wolfgang Friedrichowitz

Les Thèmes

The Steglitz Apiarists' Society was founded in May 2005. We are a nature-conservancy society, formed with the aim of conserving the honey bee. Anyone interested in bees is welcome to join us.

• Nature conservancy by bee-keeping: pollination by bees is even more important than the production of honey.
• Reduction of winter losses of bee colonies by improvements in the training of bee-keepers. This is the aim of our information scheme – an email every month.
• Furtherance of hobby bee-keeping by means of publicity and the training of new bee-keepers. The number of bee-keepers in Berlin is rising, and should be increased still further.
• Cooperation with municipal parks departments, schools, institutions, veterinary offices and other societies of apiarists.
• Spreading information about our bees by organising events, info-mails, project weeks in schools and display cases.

• Bee display cases
• Youth programme: young people take part in parent-pupil courses, borrow honeycomb plates and a package of bees – both free of charge. .
• Education initiative for sustainable development of a knowledge of bee-keeping: test run of bee-keeping through the internet; information events; courses.
• Participation in Green Week: together with “Berlin buzzes”, a display case showed a bee colony and honey and wax polish in the Flower Hall of the Gardens Association.
• Berlin Bee Sponsorship: we wanted to make a major contribution to halting bee deaths by offering qualified and high quality training for new bee-keepers and an additional education programme; awareness of the importance of bees and the need to protect them or increase their numbers; increase the appeal of bee-keeping for young people by age-appropriate offers; increase the steady propagation of colonies. New bee-keepers receive their packages of bees directly from the Society's colonies; support for regional honey sales, since more colonies can produce more of the good Berlin honey.

Wolfgang Friedrichowitz is the President of the Steglitz Apiarists' Society.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work. .


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