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53945 Blankenheim-Uedelhoven

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Contact person: Görgens, Manfred


The relief organization was founded in 1988 after an information trip through Peru during which we were told of the social circumstances caused by the Ursulines in Lima.

Until now, the "Peru-Hilfe" (help for Peru) has supported those people with the following projects:

· sustainable improvement of the schoolchildren's food
· dispatch of medical relief supplies, medical technology, handicraft technology and school requirements
· sending of doctor teams for complicated operations
· further education of doctors in Peru
· creation of an infrastructure, schools and hospitals
· school for deaf-mutes CPAL and vocational school Huaycan
· handicraft and agricultural technology
· toys collecting action

With its actions the "Peru-Hilfe" in Uedelhoven wants to contribute to make a life in dignity possible for all people on this earth. At the moment, Manfred Görgens is busy establishing a connection between schools in Germany and in Peru via internet. Young people from different cultures shall learn from one another to develop an understanding for each other and to help in this way to secure the future and peace in our world.

We can offer informative material, expert advice and lectures on Peru and our projects.


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