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Kifafa e.V.

Goethestr. 3
77731 Willst├Ątt

Phone No.: +49 7852/6230
Fax No.: +49 7852/999613
Contact person: Wieghorst, Doris


The association Kifafa e.V. helps children who suffer from epilepsy and street urchins in the slums of Nairobi and the rural areas of Kenya.

We provide the children with medicine supplies. If the attacks are under sufficient medical control, we make school education, vocational training or the foundation of a new business possible for those children by finding a godparenthood for them.

Due to our long-term assistance we give those children a future and a real chance to live in conditions fit for human beings.

Because of the continuity of our visits and direct assistance on the spot we relieve the family situation which is often very tense, because almost all of our children are living together with their mothers or grandparents only.

In many families it has already become obvious: Kifafa stabilizes the whole family!

We offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants in Willst├Ątt near Kehl. Moreover, after prior agreement, we can give a slide show on epilepsy and our work on the spot and arrange for contacts. Apart from that, we find possibilities to sit in classes / to undergo a practical training in hospitals, out-patient departments for epileptics, schools for disabled people and there is a possibility to work in a surgery ward for out-patients in Kajiado and Eldoret in Kenya.


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