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Verein zur Förderung ganzheitlicher Lebensweise und Kulturpflege e.V.


Zschachenmühle 1
07343 Zschachenmühle

Telefon: +49 36652/28027
Telefax: +49 36652/28029
Adresse e-mail:oshostadt@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Anand Janesha

Les Thèmes

On initiative of the "Verein zur Förderung ganzheitlicher Lebensweise und Kulturpflege e.V."
(registered association for the support of an integral lifestyle and preservation of culture), some friends settled in the "Zschachenmühle" in 1995 to build up a community for alternative life and work - a commune in the sense of Osho. The creation of various companies, such as the "Siddharta Kristall GmbH" (healing stones and minerals), book distribution, workshops, museums and a seminar house belong to it as well..

Our concept is based on the aspect of interdependence between and completion of body -mind - nature - economy- ecology and universal interrelations. We put this objective into practice in the following fields:

· Ecology - public research, practice, working groups and seminars, environmental protection and nature conservation by natural gardening, biotopes, support of the bases of life of birds, reptiles etc. soft tourism, waste recycling, recovery of heat, alternative generation of energy etc.
· Mental and physical health - health care, alternative healing methods, psychological and psychiatric work, reduction of stress, self-awareness, prevention of addictions, healing and rehabilitation, alternative care during child-bearing and care of mothers, meditation, sport, biological food etc.
· Culture (integral, multicultural, across party lines) - preservation of historical buildings and garden design, active and public care of pictorial and descriptive art, public symposiums and all kinds of events
· Economy
Inside: the whole work is done by own qualified forces from the various companies
Outside: as sources of income of the different companies

· Social matters - to make a creative and positive development of the children possible with the help of a children's refuge and preschool, integration of disabled, alternative national service instead of military service.

After prior agreement, we can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants. Moreover, we can give expert advice, and arrange for contacts regarding the topics "community". Another possibility of support consists in the form of exchanging tradesmen.


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