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Klang-Holz e. V.

Am Juliusturm 64, auf der Zitadelle Spandau
13599 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 (0)30-35406220
Fax No.:
Contact person: Nadine Dittmar


Klang-Holz is a non-profit organisation and a recognised independent sponsor of youth work, dedicated to the advancement and teaching of ancient handicrafts and self-made music. It was founded in 1996, arising out of the support group of the Klangholz workshop, which had been run by Norbert Dobisch at the Spandau Citadel since 1992. People interested in working with wood, making music and doing volunteer work come together here.

What we offer:
• Courses in making musical instruments and playing them. The courses are for people of all ages, but the emphasis is on children and their families.
• School classes and day care centre groups can come to us for field days and project days, to build instruments and to play them.
• We refurbish old instruments and donate them to schools and kindergartens.
• We also organise concerts, talks and exhibitions. In our rooms at the Spandau Citadel there is an exhibition of the work of the instrument maker Norbert Dobisch, the founder of Klang-Holz, which also shows the instruments investigated here.

Nadine Dittmar is the President of Klang-Holz.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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