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Contact person: Susanne Hagen


“Fair Fish” was founded in January 2000 with the support of animal protection organisations.
Together with other groups throughout the world, Fair Fish seeks basic changes in the way we obtain fish for the table.
Fair Fish wants to develop and promote fair methods of obtaining edible fish.
• consideration for the needs and suffering of the animals,
• protection of species and the environment,
• adequate compensation for fishermen.

The way to get there:
• Informing the public about the problems in current fish production and about possible alternatives.
• Keeping up contacts with experts, scientists, practitioners, marketers and other similar organisations.
• Defining the criteria for fair methods in fishing and fish breeding; implementing, in cooperation with other organisations, the criteria for sustainability and fair trade;
• Developing a label for fish produced according to these criteria.

• Campaign for a declaration of fishing methods
• Research into fish well-being
• Pilot projects in Senegal: Senegalese fishing villages need alternatives to fishing e.g. orchards, millet mill for Fayako, hardware shop for Baôut
• Revision and extension of the fish list
• Creating independent Fair Fish organisations in Germany and Austria

The International association was founded in 2010. It owns the guidelines and the name Fair Fish and monitors their use. is working on the creation of a data bank of all ethnological information on fish species, living free or in aquaculture, so that knowledge can be accessed from a single source, gaps in our knowledge are brought to light and research is stimulated.

Susanne Hagen is the joint President of Fair Fish.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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