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Kurdischer Kinder- und Jugendverband-KOMCIWAN- e.V.

Buschkrugallee 23
12359 Berlin

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Contact person: Evîn Koflî & Adir Tekîn


The Association of Kurdish Children and Young People - KOMCIWAND – is a group of young Kurds who wish to reach out to other Kurdish youngsters through their social and political commitment – self empowerment by and for young Kurds.

KOMCIWAN is organised throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. It is a member of KOMKAR – The Association of Kurdish Societies in Germany - and of the djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europe. It was founded in Bremen in 1988. The groups cooperate within the National Association, organising e.g. international youth congresses, annual Summer and Winter academies as well as training courses for multiplicators (disseminators).

KOMCIWAN supports and encourages the participation of young people in society, as well as the perception of reality and at the same time the recognition of Kurds as a distinct ethnic group in Germany. Maintaining the Kurdish culture and language is a vital element in the strengthening of identity, which in its turn has a positive impact on the whole of society. KOMCIWAN has always stressed the individuality of the Kurdish people in Germany and advocates that they should have the same rights as other minority groups.

KOMCIWAN is a contact point for children and young people, a cooperative centre for German and migrants' youth organisations and a liaison between generations, as well as carrying out important publicity work. The latter is done by notifications in the press, participation in the announcement of protest rallies, picketing, demonstrations as well as information booths at various events and by the organisation of “Kurdish Culture Days” for example, and series of international dialogues.

KOMCIWAN, working together with KOMKAR and the Kurdish women's association KOMJIN, has seen some successes in the course of the years:
• the ban on giving children Kurdish names has been lifted
• there are now some radio and television broadcasts in the Kurdish language
• lessons for Kurdish children in their mother tongue have been introduced in some schools

What we offer
• Folk dancing courses
• Kurdish language courses
• Music lessons
• Workshops and seminars on historical and social topics
• Theatre
• International youth work

Adir Tekîn and Evîn Koflî are the national chairs of KOMCIWAN.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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