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Mix e.V.

Verein für Sport und Selbsthilfe

Otto-Marquardt Str. 6
10369 Berlin

Adresse e-mail:info@mix-berlin.de
Interlocuteur: Roman Kurz

Les Thèmes

Mix is a non-profit association organised by young repatriates of German origin. It resulted from a 3-year integration project “Project Pluspoint” run by the CJD promigra Lichtenberg, which was financed by BAMF. These young people not only want to preserve their past, but also to give it new life.
Mix was founded to help resettlers and German repatriates.

We achieve this aim by:
• Education and career: information and advice on possible careers, support in writing applications, preparation for job interviews. Homework supervision, and coaching for primary, secondary and tertiary pupils and students are provided within the framework of the Society.
• Authorities: information and advice on rights and duties, support in dealing with day-to-day formalities, writing service (help with communicating with authorities and government departments) We also accompany people when going to authorities, government offices and advice centres.
• Social: running workshops and seminars which stress social skills. With regard to the integration of resettlers and ethnic Germans from eastern and southern Europe, an exchange of information and experiences is encouraged between participants at various events. Members are given the opportunity to broaden their social skills by taking on tasks within the remit of the Society.
• Culture: Resettlers are sensitised to the cultural life of Berlin through visits to the theatre, to museums and to international cookery sessions.
• Sport: sports activities are offered, under the leadership of volunteer trainers.

• Baltic cycling tour for young people with immigrant background. The aim of the tour was to promote initiative, teamwork and tolerance. A side effect was that participants got to know each other and friendships were formed. .
• Ashoka: the Ashoka Youth Initiative develops systems for self-determined youth involvement. .
• Shashlik on the net: an alternative beach volley ball tournament.
• Skiing
• Inline skating
• Seminar "Bilingual Upbringing"
• Photo seminar
• “Mix” volleyball tournament.

Roman Kurz is the Authorised Representative of the Executive Committee of Mix.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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