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Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V. (VNB e.V.)

VNB NordWest

Bahnhofstr. 16
49406 Barnstorf

Phone No.: +49 (0)5442-80450
Fax No.:
Contact person: Reinhold Bömer


The VNB (Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V.) is a certified regional body of adult education in Lower Saxony / Germany. It is a supporting organisation for educational programs and projects with a broad portfolio and a professional service provider for non-governmental organisations, honorary working initiatives and associations.

We set accents with our educational focuses
• international / global and intercultural education,
• sustainable development, ecology and environmental education,
• violence prevention and anti-racism work,
• gender education,
• parents and health education,
• promotion of voluntary commitment,
• elimination of discrimination and social disadvantage.

There are more than 200 very experienced institutions, associations and initiatives working with us and covering a diversified range of topics. The VNB created an educational network unique for Lower Saxony, with local to regional scope combined with national and international activities.

VNB has a wide range of transnational experience, promoting own projects as well as participating in European cooperation programmes, Preparatory measures combating social exclusion; and many more.

Reinhold Bömer is the CEO of the Office VNB NordWest with the focus: International, North-South-Theme.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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