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Junge Presse Berlin e.V. (JPB)

c/o Jugendbüro Mitte

Scharnhorststraße 28/29
10115 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 39 40 525-35
Telefax: +49 30 39 40 525-05
Adresse e-mail:jpb@jpb.de
Interlocuteur: Henrik Nürnberger

Les Thèmes

The Berlin Youth Press (JPB) is at the same time a network, a lobby and a group of friends. We have been a point of contact for young Berliners working in the media since 1947. Besides creating school newspapers, many other young editors of radio, film and television, online or in print, work with us. Together we support the league of youth media and represent the interests of those who are behind them – irrespective of companies, parties or state institutions.

Our work
We organise seminars and workshops, as for example foundation seminars for the editors of school newspapers, or weekends in which we put together a “policy orange”. We have our own publicistic style, like “Brennpunkt F!” or take part in forums such as “Polli-Magazin”. In short, the Berlin Youth Press gives young people an opportunity to gain experience and references in the media.

Various interest groups are involved in the Berlin Youth Press – the Action Circles. Their meetings are on specific topics and determine the content of our work. There are Action Circles on the following topics:
• School newspapers
• Photography
• TV (film and television)
• Feature articles
• The media & politics - discussion.
• The media & diversity

What we offer:
• Help and advice: we can help with journalistic problems. We can be contacted by email or telephone and, during working hours, at our office. Our network includes “experts” in every field, who can offer advice on tricky questions. Besides this, we are committed to combating censorship. We stand for a free press, and if need be we take legal steps or take a public stance.
• Maintaining the dialogue: in addition, there are gatherings such as the “Media Bar”, where we invite various guests from the press to join in discussion evenings in a relaxed atmosphere. Not least, we provide a pool of media people, who can become valuable contacts in the future.
• Press cards: “young editors” can sometimes find it difficult to be taken seriously, so we issue a nationally recognised Youth Press Card. This can be useful when press materials, press cards, press photos, examples of reviews, invitations to press presentations etc. are needed. We issue this Youth Press Card to our members on payment of a deposit and a small fee.
• “Youth media are more!” The JPB supports the Berlin youth media scene in various ways, above all wanting to ensure the preservation and quality of the youth media. Our archives allow a glimpse into the long tradition of school newspapers. We have a collection of over 1000 newspapers, spanning 60 years of school newspaper history, and they are openly available for viewing on request.

Henrik Nürnberger is on the Committee of the Berlin Youth Press (JPB).

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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