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QuerWaldEin e.V.

Sülzburgstr. 218
50937 Köln

Phone No.: +49 (0)221 261 99 86; +49( )0228 53 444 56; +49 (0)231 999 51 373
Fax No.:
Contact person: Marcel Hövelmann


QuerWaldEin was founded by Marcel Hövelmann and Stephan Weinand in 2005. QuerWaldEin has charitable status as a nature and environment project.

What do we do?
• We carry out bookable environmental education activities for young and old, on one's doorstep in the Cologne-Bonn area.
• We provide public events concerned with maintaining a sustainable environment.
• We carry out projects – some with volunteers – on local nature and climate protection topics, such as “Cologne Wings: 9 boroughs, 86 urban districts, 986 nesting boxes”, “Cologne can sustainable” “Nature Courage”, "Urban Gardening in Cologne" etc.
• We take an active part in many local and regional legal actions.

Our educational approach is a cross section through various educational and scientific disciplines. We pack our forest rucksack with elements taken from nature study, geography, biology and the social sciences. Because we recognise the uniqueness of each individual, and because we want to meet people on equal terms, we give everyone an opportunity to be creatively involved, thus including ecological education and character-building as well as social learning.

Our programmes and projects are directed towards anyone interested in the forest and nature generally. We invite groups from kindergartens, schools, youth centres, remedial and psychiatric care centres, as well as families and individuals. In addition, we provide clubs and all-day holiday activities, company outings, team events, theme walks and training for multiplicators (disseminators) etc.

Marcel Hövelmann is the volunteer contact person for Querwaldein.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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