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HaitiCare e.V.

Schluchseestr. 57
13469 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 30/4022418
Fax No.: +49 30/4025907
Contact person: Kaasch, Michael


HaitiCare e.V. made it its task to help children and young people in one of the poorest districts of the capital of Haiti. In the meantime, we are taking care of 400 children.

This help includes:

· building of kindergarten, preschool, primary school, secondary school and school canteen
· provision of health care, precaution and information
· professional training
· assistance for the environment of the children and young people
· family self-help programmes.

The objective is to maintain the social fabric of the families so that it is not necessary to give children away because of a desperate situation. With our self-help programmes we reach the environment of those children who become the hope of their families due to a good education. Our work is recognized as charitable and worth of support.

We can give expert advice on the topic Haiti, respectively help for Haiti, or we can give a lecture. Moreover, we would like to link our project with other aid projects.


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