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Verein zur Förderung des Schenkens (VFS) e.V.

Alte Dorfstr. 6
19370 Dargelütz

Phone No.: +49 (0)179/4271430 ("Schenker")
+49 38720/80665 ("VFS")
Fax No.: +49 38720/80665
E-mail adress:
Contact person: Spindler, Eckart


The "Schenker-Bewegung " (movement of people who give) represents, shortly summarized by its so-called "4-sentences":

· Real happiness is the result of following your conscience.
· This means to live in general in a responsible way (-"as a sound cell in an organism of the world"-).
· A decisive setting for that is of course sharing without violence, this means to give presents to other people - instead of the "right of the (outside) stronger", violence and "setting up"?.
· The own consequence shall be enough for a solution as a whole, a healing of the world? If so, people can hardly be "radical" enough when simplifying their own life?. (and it does not fit to bases of life which are founded on the "state and monetary system"?)
We are trying to realize these basic ideals in 3 practical forms of life:
· As "pilgrims ", respectively as discrete "itinerant preachers".
· In "houses of hospitality" to prove the violence-free sharing to difficult and poor people.
· The "self-sufficiency projects, respectively villages" to demonstrate comprehensive models for peace among human beings and with nature as a "natural human being"?.

United by the common recognition of the basic ideals, the central group of the "givers" exists who are in principle also living according to these ideals and apart from them the so-called "giver-allies" who go differently far in the practical consequence. A part of the "allies" is organized in the form of the "Verein zur Förderung des Schenkens (VFS) e.V." (Association for the Promotion of Giving).

After prior agreement, we can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants. We can offer other net participants expert advice on various subjects which are described in detail on our internet pages, we can give a lecture and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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