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futuRoma e.V. - Fritz-Aid

Joakim Osogovski
1330 Kriva Palanka

Adresse e-mail:vorstand@futuroma.de
Interlocuteur: David Armbruster

Les Thèmes

futuRoma was founded by schoolchildren in 2011, in order to improve living conditions among the Romany children in one of the poorest slums in Macedonia. futuRoma seeks long term improvement in the education and living conditions of the Romanies in Kriva Palanka (Macedonia). Hunger, unemployment, discrimination and extreme weather conditions determine their lives. A lack of formal education means that the children have very poor future prospects.

The NGO “Fritz-Aid” has been in Macedonia since 2006. Named after one the main instigators of the project, Fritz Hidding, this organisation works towards a judicial basis in Macedonia allowing workers to be employed legally. Romanies in Macedonia, as almost everywhere, are often seen as “lower class” people, and have to come to terms with ostracism and contempt. This problem spoils the children's enjoyment of kindergarten or school, too. Added to that is the language problem. Most of the children only speak the Romany language at home, yet have to be able to speak Macedonian for school.

It is there that we step in. At the centre of our work is the inclusive kindergarten, which provides a pleasant atmosphere, away from the fight for survival, where the children are given a chance to integrate into modern society. Together with Macedonian children, not only do the Romanies learn the language through play, but the children are also taught to treat each other fairly and to overcome prejudices.

We also enable adult Romanies in Kriva Palanka to build up a regulated and secure life by various forms of assistance in their everyday life – specific donations of food and clothes, building projects for the Romany community etc.

Our motto is “Education and better living conditions as a way out of the poverty trap”.

• Aid transport to Kriva Palanka
• Building a kindergarten for Romany children
• Playground equipment – climbing frames for the kindergarten and elsewhere.
• Sand pit and mosaic wall for the kindergarten playground
• Bridges, water standpipe, cleanup of the stream, waste disposal and sanitary facilities.
• Music project: the Romany musician Adrian Gaspar, from Vienna, who was with us in Kriva Palanka for the first time, put on a wonderful concert together with a Romany group and pupils of the Karlsruhe Waldorf School.
• Summer holiday activities for children and juveniles.

David Armbruster is on the committee of futuRoma.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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