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Eulenmühle – Pro Equis e.V.

55218 Ingelheim

Telefon: +49 (0) 6130-9400722
Adresse e-mail:info@eulenmuehle.de
Interlocuteur: Wiltrud Heine

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Horses in Germany live to be about eight years old, although the life expectancy is 25 – 30 years! Bad living conditions, pressure in equestrian sports and our consumer society's throw-away attitude all contribute to this appalling fact. The “Eulenmühle – Pro Equis“ society was founded to counteract this development and to contribute our experience of running a retirement stable where the emphasis is on humane conditions and riding lessons for novices and advanced riders which take the horses' needs into account.

The society is based in the “Eulenmühle” (Owlmill), in Selztal, near Ingelheim, which was refurbished by Wiltrud and Norbert Heine in 1998. This mill, a listed building surrounded by 12 hectares of pastureland, is the ideal setting in which to realize this innovative concept of a riding stables which meets the horses' needs. Its numerous awards for the keeping of horses in a species-appropriate manner mean that the Eulenmühle is a model of best practice, made more widely known by tours of the stables and lectures on our methods. Not least because of increasing numbers of requests to take in horses which were living in inappropriate conditions or in other problem situations, the idea arose to ensure the Eulenmühle's position as a model stables in the long term, and to expand it and turn it into a Trust in the medium term.

The society EULENMÜHLE - PRO EQUIS was founded to support the formation of this Trust. In the run-up, the society can already take in horses, mules or donkeys in emergency cases and dedicates itself to the promotion of animal protection in the keeping and treatment of equines by holding seminars, training courses and counselling sessions.

• The society concerns itself with equines in distress and arranges for appropriate accommodation and care.
• The society, working together with experts, offers a varied programme of lectures and seminars. The focus is on appropriate methods for keeping and training equines.
• The society works with schools and kindergartens to give tomorrow's riders enough basic knowledge to be able to choose a riding school which emphasises humane treatment of their animals.
• Eulenmühle-Pro Equis also seeks to impart to non-riders the fascinating relationship between people and horses, by providing coaching seminars and ground exercises with horses, thereby spreading awareness of the animals' needs.
• We try to sensitise the public to the thoughtful handling of horses by means of events like open days, celebrity panels, or discussions such as “Equestrian sports – how open to criticism are sport journalists?”
• Members who want to be sure that their horses, mules or donkeys will be cared for when they are no longer able to, and who have no relatives, can in individual cases have the option of letting the society take over the responsibility.

Wiltrud Heine is the president of EULENMÜHLE - PRO EQUIS

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