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Weltbürgervereinigung e.V.

Max-Beckmann-Str. 44
26133 Oldenburg

Phone No.: +49 441/46783
Fax No.: +49 441/4850763
Contact person: Heinrichsohn, Ernst und Vollquardsen, Heiko


The objective of the "Weltbürgervereinigung e.V." (association of cosmopolitans) is the promotion of international understanding and the cosmopolitan consciousness so that a democratic world state with limited competence for preservation of peace and the environment can be created on this basis.

A new world order, consisting of regional police forces, world state police, a world parliament elected by the people, administration of the world state and world courts, shall safeguard the survival of mankind in long geological periods of time. A global world order shall prevent a destruction of man by nuclear weapons, the destruction of the environment of the industrial states and the population explosion in the developing countries.

A change to environmentally friendly production determined by world law could abolish the existing unemployment. The containment of the population explosion in the developing countries would considerably increase the life standard in the developing countries. The extreme difference in the affluence of North and South at the moment could be compensated for step by step. All people on earth would have the same basic cosmopolitan rights. The world laws would strengthen the feeling of community and bring more social justice to the people. As the member states only lose their competence for keeping of the peace and preservation of the environment, their independence under the roof of a world state would be preserved. People could reach a higher level of culture in a world community without wars and without destruction of the environment. An increasing planetary sense of responsibility and cosmopolitan ethics that unites all people would be created.

Ernst Heinrichsohn is author of the book "Weltstaat und Weltbürgerbewusstsein" (world state and cosmopolitan consciousness) and together with Heinz-Dieter Lüttgau he is the founder of the association of cosmopolitans.

After prior agreement, we can give expert advice for other net participants in the field of: "Overcoming global problems with the help of a global world order", we can give lectures and communicate for up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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